Rabbi Moshe and Geni Bleich moved to Wellesley-Weston in 2000. Since then, the Bleichs have worked tirelessly
to build a home for Jews of all stripes and backgrounds to come and learn in a warm, inviting environment.

Among the many year-round programs Chabad in Wellesley-Weston offers include holiday awareness programing,
Torah study classes, communal outreach and initiatives on the Wellesley and Babson College campuses.


Central to Chabad in Wellesley-Weston has been the Chabad house. Currently run out of the Bleich’s own house,
it serves as a synagogue, community center, command center, classroom and more. While Chabad’s doors remain
open to all, the current space is no longer adequate for Chabad’s continued growth. Communal Shabbos meals are
prepared in a regular household kitchen and attendance can fill the living room space to the max. High-holiday
services are currently held in a front-yard tent.

By expanding the existing property, Chabad can increase its current programming and  venture in to new horizons
of Jewish community and identity building. 


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